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  SOCIAL EVENTS, Requests Announcements, Inspiration
 First Friday Reception for 2 Photo Exhibits 10/6 6PM - 9PM  Susan Pfretzschner 1 / 1
 The Colorado for Puerto Rico & Mexico Benefit Concert  admin 1 / 1

SOCIAL EVENTS, Requests Announcements, Inspiration: First Friday Reception for 2 Photo Exhibits 10/6 6PM - 9PM
From: Susan Pfretzschner    
Posted: September 22, 2017, 10:09 pm

First Friday Reception for Two Photo Exhibitions
"Proud" by Garrett Chappell, and
"(In)visible"; photos from the Sonder Collection
The First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Boulder
1128 Pine St., Boulder, CO 80302 303-442-1787 www.firstcong.net
Friday, October 6, - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
"Proud" is a photographic installation inspired by the strength, diversity, and beauty of the LGBTQ Community. The project began after the attack at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL on June 12, 2016.

Garrett Chappell, a member of First Congregational, and a local graphic designer and photographer. Taking portraits of LGBTQ folks wearing outfits or looks heavily inspired by a color from the rainbow flag, which will eventually be made into a large scale installation in the church to celebrate the 30th anniversary of First Congregational becoming the first church in Colorado to become open and affirming.

The Sonder Collection of photographs featuring (In)visible Boulder, is a collaboration between Boulder County and 7 local nonprofits. Led by local creative studio, One Thousand Design, the project is igniting a community conversation about stigma, stereotype, and disparity in our community. It features the stories of our most marginalized neighbors – the homeless, working poor, transgender, immigrants and others. Over 50 individuals across Boulder County participated in the project.

Come see these two great photo exhibits!
If you can't make it to the Opening Reception on 10/6, stop by First Congregational Church during the day and take a look.

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SOCIAL EVENTS, Requests Announcements, Inspiration: The Colorado for Puerto Rico & Mexico Benefit Concert
From: admin  Administrator  
Posted: September 23, 2017, 5:40 pm

A consortium of collaborating organizations and individuals lead by the Latino Chamber of Commerce and Barrio E' would like to invite you to the #CO4PRMX Benefit Concert on Thursday, Oct 12, 2017, 4pm - 11pm.

All proceeds will go towards helping the victims of #HurricaneMaria in Puerto Rico and the recent Earthquakes in Mexico. Amongst the organizers are Jose D Beteta, director of the Latino Chamber & co-owner of Raices Brewing Co., Tamil Maldonado, Director of Barrio E' and co-owner of Raíces Brewing Co. and Aquiles E Quiroga, director of Los Hijos de Tuta Latin Rock band in Fort Collins.

The event will include a silent auction with donated art and items from artists like Arturo Garcia and items from Betos hair studio. Food will be provided by Dos Abuelas Food Truck and Casa Alvarez Foods, Fruits from Oasis fresh fruit & more by Haydee Caraveo and desserts from La Momo Maes Bakery. Raices Brewing Co. will be coordinating drink donations.

Entertainment includes Barrio E' (Puerto Rican Bomba), Colombian dance troupe by Julio A Martinez Latin Explosive Movement (LEM), Los Hijos de Tuta (Latin Rock), Son Moreno by Juan Moreno (Cuban Son, Cumbias), Roka Hueka (Latin Ska), Mono Verdecollective Monoverdecollective (Latin Reggae) and Orquesta La Brava (Salsa). Dance groups Colorado Salsa Association and Zumba Jose Jimenez will present dance exhibitions and event Timbalin the Clown will be presenting a magic show for kids.

The cost for the event is a suggested donation of $20. We are looking for sponsors, donors and volunteers who would like to be involved in this worthy cause. You can also bring donation items at the event where we will have a collection station. If interested please write to [email protected].

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